Almaazmi Advocates and Legal Consultancy

Almaazmi Advocates and Legal Consultancy

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Company Name: Almaazmi Advocates and Legal Consultancy

17th Floor, Office 1702 Oberoi Centre

POBox: 58524
Telephone Number: 551405124
Fax Number: 551405124
Business Activity: Law Office

Company Profile:

Almaazmi Advocates & Legal Consultancy is a premiere law firm in Business Bay, Dubai who offers a wide range of top-notch legal services at the local, regional and international level. We invite you to set a meeting in your/our office if you need assistance in any of the following: • Debt Collection/Bounced Cheque Cases/Loans • Business Setup and Company Registration/Licensing • Taxation – VAT • Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation • Family and Matrimonial Law i.e. Divorce and Wills/Inheritance • Arbitration and Dispute Resolution • Corporate and Commercial Law • Labor and Employment Law • Banking and Finance Law • In-house Notary Service Our team is fluent in many languages including English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, Kazakh, Persian, Belarus, Polish, French, Togo, Italian, Tagalog, German, Spanish, and Chinese and has a strong knowledge base of the cultural business, international law standards and legal environment of different countries.

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