Al Zaytoon Gifts Advertising L.L.C

Al Zaytoon Gifts Advertising L.L.C

Listing Id: 317757

Company Name: Al Zaytoon Gifts Advertising L.L.C

Warehouse No: 5, Industrial Area 10,Sharjah

POBox: 79743
Telephone Number: 00971564373184
Fax Number: 00971564373184
Business Activity: branding,digitalprinting,textileprinting,giftitems,promotionalitems,offsetprinting,largeformatprinti

Company Profile:

Al Zaytoon Gifts & Advertising, founded upon service, seeks to exceed client expectations in the quality of each Advertising and Branding project. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the quality of the finished product. To inspire customer loyalty, we build relationships, anticipate and deter problems, honor deadlines and serve as an integral part of our customer’s team. ABOUT US As a technology sound printing company Green Print’s business philosophy goes beyond just producing printed material. We view printing as a very important frontier of any organization: a frontier that communicates thoughts and shares ideas in the most clear and most impactful way to its audience. Giant strives to win on these frontiers so that its clients achieve their share of growth. OUR PRINCIPLES SPEED: In today's fast moving world, we understand the speed at which print jobs need execution. We have thus built up a team by carefully choosing and hiring personnel to execute jobs faster and meet client requirements. QUALITY: We have set up the unit with machines from some of the best manufacturers in the world, with at most of the green printing concept to give reliability for all of your print requirements. Execution TIME: Along with the quality machines we have chosen the right people to deliver this quality to you within your timelines, any time and every time. At Al Zaytoon Advertising Our quality assurance is at every level of the company are dedicated to integrity and diligence in all aspects of customer service. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment give you the highest quality product every time, from one to multiple colors, and from one page to three dimensional. PRODUCTION CAPACITY Al Zaytoon Gifts & Advertising is one of latest and largest capacity large format digital printers. Our facilities and resources include: 5 different print technologies | 5 printers | 10 staff members | 200m2 of production facilities across two premises in Dubai and Sharjah | No matter how big the job, we have the technology, expertise and capacity to deliver. With a comprehensive range of print technologies we are able to manage your entire promotional campaign, ensuring color consistency across the board.

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