AL WAHA Computers

AL WAHA Computers

Listing Id: 316031

Company Name: AL WAHA Computers

Opp: Fortune Royal Hotel. Al Gurfa Street - Fujai

POBox: 0000
Telephone Number: 092225443
Fax Number: 092225443
Business Activity: Largest speciality retailer of personal and office computers, software and accessories, laptops serv

Company Profile:

Al WAHA Computers is the one of the renowned company, specializing in providing quality computer repair and support services in the Fujairah area for many years. With many satisfied clients, home PC users and business owners alike, our company acquiring new customers strictly on a word of mouth basis.We know how to provide our clients with great personalized computer service at an affordable price. If you chose our company, you can ensure that your PC problem will be resolved by one of the best technicians any where in U.A.E. We support all types of computers and software including familiar brands like: DELL, Compaq, HP, Sony, Acer, Samsung, lg, Alienware, Gateway, eMachine, PowerSpec as well as any custom built PC. Better yet, just call us to experience the exceptional quality support you deserve at an affordable price. We eagerly await for your call.

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