Al Sahara Insurance Brokers LLC

Al Sahara Insurance Brokers LLC

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Company Name: Al Sahara Insurance Brokers LLC

Al sahara insurance brokers LLc , Burjuman 4 th Ex

POBox: 121934
Telephone Number: +97143966144 , +9714
Fax Number: +97143964424
Business Activity: Insurance Brokers

Company Profile:

We are super specialist in Group Medical Insurance business. We are armed with the most competent personnel’s in this business and have contractual agreements with the leading 18 insurance companies in UAE and GCC Countries for enabling us to extract best rates, terms and conditions and deductibles to suite your requirements. As the year ending is fast approaching for renewal of the existing Group Medical Insurance Policy, I will be personally thankful if you can direct the concerned insurance officer to mail your Group Medical Insurance enquiry with details such as Name of the employees, Date of Birth, Nationality, Gender, etc so that we can submit our most competitive quotation for your kind consideration. We can also incorporate best terms and conditions and also can guide you to add more benefits to your company’s staff and can also arrange special package for your labourers. A line of reply in this context and convenient date of appointment also be informed, so that we can personally appraise you in this context. Your positive consideration at an early date in this context will be highly appreciated. For and On behalf of Al Sahara Insurance Brokers LLC Thanking you, Yours faithfully, Al Sahara Insurance Brokers LLC Tel No. +971 4 3966144, 3966900, Fax No. +971 4 3964424, PO Box: 121934 Email ID: [email protected]

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