Al Khaber Water Treatment LLC

Al Khaber Water Treatment LLC

Listing Id: 323018

Company Name: Al Khaber Water Treatment LLC

01, - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

POBox: 81627
Telephone Number: +971 6 543 4543
Fax Number: +971 6 543 4545
Business Activity: Waste Water Treatment & Recycling

Company Profile:

Al khabeer Water treatment LLC is one of the finest companies in UAE dealing in water and waste water treatment systems right from concept till commissioning, followed by quality after sales services and maintenance. We serve environment with passion and commitment. We have our own brand name called ‘NOAH AQUA’ We execute all projects under this brand name. To cope up with growing demand of Water treatment products following continuous shortage of freshwater, depleted water table & environmental concerns, AKWT has emerged as key player & provider of environmentally friendly product& services to GCC market. Our major activities includes water and waste water treatment especially Industrial waste treatment (ETP) we can design and successfully treat most polluted waste water & bring it to DM waste disposal standard or reuse standard, Vehicle wash recycling system, Sewage treatment plant (STP), specialty chemicals for treatment of boiler, chiller, cooling tower, water purification systems like filtration, softener, deionizer, UV and other environmental products like oil & chemical absorbent and spill kits. We also under take maintenance contracts & provide quality serves to our clients. All our products are handled by highly skilled professionals specialized in their respective field. We are result oriented & known for our quality products & after sales support. We represent some of world’s renowned brands. We are based in Sharjah and serve our customers spread all over GCC.

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