Al Kamal Legal Translation

Al Kamal Legal Translation

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Company Name: Al Kamal Legal Translation

Unique Line Business Center DXB Tower, 3rd Floor,

POBox: 8535
Telephone Number: 043970008
Fax Number: 043970009
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Al Kamal Legal Translation is a UAE-based translation services provider. Multiple years of experience and exposure to the market help us deliver the highest quality translation services at fair and reasonable rates. Our translation services array from certified legal translation, arbitration and litigation, accounting, banking, business consultancy, education, engineering and technical specifications, fashion and cosmetics, finance, hospitality, entertainment, judiciary, medical and pharmaceutical, multimedia, patents and trademarks, public and private sectors, technology, travel and leisure. Our Company is there to meet your ongoing translation needs around the clock with professionalism, accuracy, packed up by accountability, client orientation and satisfaction. We look forward to hearing from you.

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