Ajwaa al madeena transport llc

Ajwaa al madeena transport llc

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Company Name: Ajwaa al madeena transport llc

office 201, birjminar building, farij murar, oposi

POBox: 33504
Telephone Number: 04 273 0023 - 00971
Fax Number: 04 273 0023
E-mail: info@ajwaaalmadeenatransportllc.net
Website: http://ajwaaalmadeenatransportllc.net
Business Activity: Cargo Services, home & office shifting, Custom Clearance, trailers 12mtr-15mtr, truck 3xl- 2xl, Rent

Company Profile:

Ajwaa al Madeena Transport has been successfully concentrating on service delivery in the transport industry since 2007, operating daily on scheduled transport between Dubai to Gulf Countries Any services Pick up -Single cabin Double cabin Canter -Pick Up 3Ton, 7Ton, 10Ton -Volvo Unit–4o feet trailer -12mtr trailers-Hi-ace for staff service-Rent A Car–Cargo service home & office shifting-Recovery vehicle heavy machinery are obtainable, as well as abnormal loads can also be confer to any destination in the Islamic Republic of Arab Emirate With a fleet that gets replaced on a regular basis we seek to provide a more reliable service to customers to deliver on time to mission critical operations such as motor plants. we offers variety of customized and cost-effective solutions for transportation by road. Your freight can be transported to any location in GCC. Widest network, most effective cargo movement facilities and numerous client oriented services makes the company a preferred distribution solution provider in Dubai in general & GCC in particular. With extensive range of transport carriers, the company can schedule inter-GCC deliveries to suit your time requirements. Experts from the company supports the customer’s supply chain needs by hauling general commodity freight along with some specialized freight. There are containerized trucks for handling perishable goods and other sensitive consignments. Each container passes through the most stringent test before loading-like humidity check, leakage check, floor check etc., and only after these assessments container is loaded and moved for transportation. We are known for our competitive tariffs, well organized as mentioned above, as well as an efficient and well-trained operational staff with reliable code 80drivers.The transport service offered comprise the utilization of low beds, super link taut liners, flat decks, drop sides and many support delivery and collection vehicles, to cater for a variety of customer needs, as well as being fully compliant and a certified in-bond transporter. Our reputation of good old fashioned honest trading, efficiency, on-time service and reliability will move your business, likewise our own, successfully through the difficulties facing the transport industry of today and tomorrow. We sincerely believe in the future of our company by simply rendering the best possible service. This was done to provide uninterrupted continuation of the business in case of death of any of the shareholders. Since 2007 when Ajwaa al Madeena Transport was established, the management and employees have polished procedures and offered outstanding personal commitment and effort to make the difference to the attitude, professionalism and service offered to our clients and well being of all associated with our company. Our clients are therefore offered the services of this well managed, "blue chip" Transport Company that took many years of hard work and experience gained by Ajwaa al Madeena Transport management and staff members. We currently have long distance Super Links, complimented by support short distance delivery vehicles, stationed at main Dubai to handle the delivery of long distance break bulk, parcels and full loads to and from these locations on a daily basis. Any alternative route loads of any dimension can also be arranged. Ajwaa al Madeena Transport continually Endeavors to better its logistics planning and making improvements to systems where needed to best accommodate customer needs.

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