Absolute Integrated Electronic Solutions

Absolute Integrated Electronic Solutions

Listing Id: 318917

Company Name: Absolute Integrated Electronic Solutions

1803 Al Attar Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road

POBox: 95811
Telephone Number: 043254412
Fax Number: 043254416
E-mail: umayma.rabah@daoudco.ae
Website: http://www.aies-me.com
Business Activity: Security and Surveillance Systems Installation and Maintenance, Fire Resistant Filtering Systems Ins

Company Profile:

Established in 1990, Absolute Integrated Electronic Solutions (AIES) has provided the Middle East Markets with the latest electronic security solutions and products available, from top manufacturers in the technology. AIES leads the way in providing full-service industrial contracting, turnkey ELV systems solutions, construction, electronic security and support services to commercial and government clients in the Middle East region. AIES Electronic Security Division provides consulting services to Architects who are engaged in the design of buildings that will help them to provide the infrastructure needed for better security implementations at their clients’ premises

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