Ablaze Export Incorporation

Ablaze Export Incorporation

Listing Id: 322735

Company Name: Ablaze Export Incorporation

E-52/4, Sardar Estate , Ajwa Road

POBox: 390019
Telephone Number: +91 9377552542
Fax Number: +91 9377552542
E-mail: sales@ablazeexport.com
Website: http://www.ablazeexport.com
Business Activity: Scientific Glass and Glass Pilo Plant , Reactor

Company Profile:

Dear Sir , Ablaze Group was incorporated in 1985 with an aim to provide superior quality of Borosilicate Glass Equipment's to customers. We are now a leading manufacturer and supplier of Chemicals glass Reactor system right from R&D to Pilot Plant and Kilo Labs and finally production scale. Our Glass reactors and chemical glass plants have accepted the test of time with wonderful performance, strength and versatility in daily operation. Reactor systems, Nutsch filters, mixing vessels and scrubbers , Rotary Evaporator –Pilot Scale are used for cGMP production of APIs and chemicals in pilot plants and production sites.

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