Abida Jewellery L.LC.

Listing Id: 233901

Company Name: Abida Jewellery L.LC.

303 Gold Land Building, Deria Gold Souq, Dubai, UA

POBox: 34566
Telephone Number: 0097142350400
Fax Number: 0097142350404
E-mail: jewelry@emirates.net.ae
Website: http://
Business Activity: Diamond Jewellery, Certified Diamonds and Swiss Watches

Company Profile:

Abida Jewellery, since 1998 Diamonds have developed over the years as a sign of purity and light, given at the most auspicious occasion as symbol of Love and Commitment. Noting its significance our organization opts to develop exotic jewellery to enhance these moments of love with fine finishing and everlasting designs. We aim to provide the finest quality of diamonds and gem stones which can be passed on from generation to generations.

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